Fast fashion and the acceleration of the industry has brought with it the search for alternatives and proposals to make fashion a more sustainable industry, one of them is Slow Fashion.

But what do we mean when we say slow fashion? Here we tell you a little more about it, its beginnings as well as some principles to identify it.

What is it and how can we identify it?

Slow fashion is more than a trend, it is a philosophy that invites us to think and conceive fashion from a conscious, ethical, and respectful search with the environment, workers and consumers.

It proposes to think, design, manufacture and consume consciously to promote care in the processes, the quality of life of the people involved in the creation of products, as well as the quality and durability of products with the aim of making them sustainable and enduring.

In short, slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It encompasses an awareness and approach to fashion that considers the processes and resources needed to manufacture clothing.

Its beginnings

The concept of slow fashion appears as a response to fast fashion. Its proposal lies in providing an alternative to the mass production model, an alternative based on slowing down to make responsible use of resources and the socio-environmental impacts of objects.

These changes apply not only to designers or producers but also to consumers, proposing new manufacturing systems, but also new systems of consumption.

The principles of slow fashion

With objectives such as durability, quality, de-acceleration, as well as care in the processes we can find some identifiable principles of Slow Fashion.

– Durability: Quality with the objective of extending the longevity of garments.
– Deceleration in the production chain: slower and more responsible production and reinventory times.
– Fair wages and ethical conditions
– Carbon footprint reduction targets and measurements
– Waste reduction and resource optimization through integrated systems, circularity principles or methods such as Zero Waste.
– Limited and temporary productions.

Slow fashion rethinks and puts into perspective the great problem of the excesses of fast fashion. This new philosophy allows us to act in a more empathetic way to revalue the resources we have and achieve a positive impact.

At Creamodite we continue to work to join innovative proposals that allow us to continue moving towards a more sustainable industry.

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