One of the big problems in the textile industry is synthetic fibers and the time they take to biodegrade. Generally, garment fibers take decades to biodegrade, especially if we consider that a large percentage of them are made of synthetic fibers or blends.

Amni Soul Eco is a new innovative material that proposes an interesting alternative, learn more about this product here.

What is Amni Soul Eco

The promise of Amni Soul eco is to be «THE WORLD’S FIRST BIODEGRADABLE POLYAMIDE YARN».

This company proposes an alternative and/or solution to the use of synthetic materials.

Its secret is an improved formula of polyamide 6,6, the result of Rhodia-Solvay Group research, which makes it possible to produce garments that decompose quickly when discarded or thrown in the landfill.

According to the company, when discarded, this product decomposes into organic matter (biomass) and biogases that can be used as new resources for the environment and the cogeneration of electricity.

Amni Soul Eco® is eliminated from the planet in approximately 5 years, while other fibers take decades to decompose.

How can it be applied?

Because of its characteristics and benefits, it is a great product for the swimwear, underwear, sportswear, and outerwear markets,

Characteristics and benefits

– Softness
– Comfort
– Dyeing quality
– Breathability
– Easy maintenance
– Biodegradable tested according to ASTM D5511 method.

Its properties include lightness, stretch, comfort, quick drying and biodegradability.

Amni Soul Eco® technology is part of a new generation of sustainable yarns from an environmentally friendly process.

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