Upcycling seeks to use unused or discarded objects as raw material to reintegrate them into the value chain through redesign processes where the result is an object of equal or greater value than the original.

Today we will tell you about 4 upcycling designers that are revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Maria Rosenfeldt

María Rosenfeldt is a Spanish designer who has integrated upcycling and textile optimization to her design proposal.

Her first approaches arise from the need to create new pieces, but with the concern of not having money at the time, from there Maria discovers the possibility of using unused pieces to create incredible looks worthy of a parade.

Over the years Maria integrates this as an added value to her brand by using the recovery of textile leftovers to create limited pieces with the objective of using what already exists to give it a use and not continue to encourage the manufacture of new textiles.

Zero Waste Daniel

Daniel is an American designer based in Brooklyn, New York. After a few years of working in different areas of the fashion industry, he decided to close his atelier. During this closure of a large finds a large boat with scraps of old pieces with which he decides to make a shirt, from this small exercise comes the idea of his new business.

Zero Waste Daniel is a brand dedicated to the reuse of textile scraps to be sewn into new textiles and transformed into new garments.

They work by curing and segmenting the remnants by colors, shapes and textures to then be joined together in different color patterns or even images recreated from these small pieces of fabric. Once the new textile is achieved, it is used to create fashion garments.

His business combines the possibility of reusing something that would otherwise be discarded, as well as giving his customers the ability to customize their objects by selecting the scraps of their choice to create a unique garment for them.

Christopher Raeburn

He is a British fashion designer, graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2006 with a reconstructed collection of original military garments.

Today he is known for reworking surplus fabrics and garments to create luxury menswear, womenswear, and accessories.

Today, the sustainable nature of Christopher Raeburn’s brand has grown to become an integral part of what they do through their Remade philosophy and the famous 3 R’s (Remade, Reduced, Recycled).

Nicole McLaughlin

Nicole is a visual artist who works from the recycling of found objects. Her goal is to create new things with what already exists.

She believes in design as a tool to communicate what we cannot say out loud. Her work seeks to resignify objects and give them a use outside the everyday or their original purpose.

Nicole’s pieces are easily identifiable due to their humor and constant creative exploration.

At Creamodite we continue to work to join innovative proposals that allow us to continue tracing a path of rethinking in the creative industries.

That is why as part of our lines of work we integrate sustainability, an example is our Fashion Alive contests with proposals such as Zero Waste.

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