Fashion must be understood as a social phenomenon, a reflection of what historically is lived and happens.

Learning about fashion can be an extensive search, however, a good way to get a general idea that allows us to shape our criteria is through documentaries.

Today we’d like to share with you 3 documentaries that portray the evolution of fashion, innovative strategies aimed at sustainable research, as well as socio-environmental impacts and relevant conservation issues from different perspectives.

The Next Black

This documentary tells the stories of innovative companies such as Patagonia, StudioXO, Adidas and BioCulture.

You will see their processes for integrating new technologies into their designs, from the implementation of digitalization to create haute couture to cellular biology to produce fabrics.

Where the future of fashion is headed

The documentary Where the future of fashion is headed tells us about five future designers who are preparing to add high technology to their collections.

Here we can see technological integrations from machinery such as the 3D printer to the creation of new fabrics that take advantage of organic matter and recycled under new and innovative processes.

Takayna from Patagonia

Takayna is a region in northeastern Tasmania.

This place is home to multiple species. However, humans have invaded their territories, taking them over to be used by industries for the extraction of materials, displacing species and seriously affecting the region.

This documentary brings together stories of activists, communities and natives of the rainforest to discuss the complexity of conservation and the importance that resides in natural places.

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